The 3-Point Liberal Debate Technique

Over the course of the last month and a half I have seen the lines between liberals and conservatives definitively drawn in the sand here in WI.  It has been “pick a side day” ever since the public unions got anyone missing grey matter to march down to Madison and scream to no one listening that they can’t grasp the concept.

This has led to many more people openly debating politics, something I really love.  And thanks to FaceBook I have been able to do this more frequently with my liberal friends.  This has led me to learn about the 3-Point Liberal Debate Technique.

1) Dismissal:
When a liberal argues with you they must first qualify you to be worth their time in the first place.  College educated, minority and NPR listeners get top billing.  White, male & the words “tea” came out of your mouth at one time when you were seven years of age is automatic disqualification.  Don’t even mention FOX News to them or any conservative radio host as you will be dismissed as ignorant and rural.  If the liberal chooses to give you some of their precious time they will next try to dismiss your facts.  Understand that facts and logic have no place in a liberal argument.  Facts are scary, and because they are truth in its purest form they have immense disdain for them.  Logic too – as 1+1=2 is does not compute in the liberal brain.  Your common liberal only will use ‘facts’ they gather from other liberals.

2) Attack:
Once all facts have been laid out and all logic has been exhausted in trying to get the liberal to see the forest through the trees the liberal will know they are beat.  So they must move the debate into it’s next form, which is the attack.  This is where the liberal will now ignore any conversation you just had and attack the argument and the debater.  Commonly on Internet discussion forums this is where the liberal will go back through the thread and find misspelled words or incorrect use of grammar.  When debating in person this will be the moment the liberal will call into play something your father said under his breath in 1963 or your use of pot in high school.  Lines like “You are just angry at the system” and “You’re a racist for disagreeing with Al Sharpton” are commonly heard.  Attacks will turn personal in nature as the attack on facts has already been lost.  They will also use this technique to try to rope you into a completely different debate.

3) Plugging the Ears and Walking Away:
At this point in the debate the conservative has laid out facts and logic that can not be broken.  The conservative has brushed off the attacks and refused to go off topic.  The conservative is still prodding the liberal for answers to questions asked when the debate began.  The liberal now has nothing left except to escape the debate and try to hold onto some of their pride.  This will come in many forms, the most common being:
– Making an excuse to leave the room
– Take a fake call that is coming into their phone
– Completely changing the subject to a neutral topic
– Refusing to speak any further

Conclusion – liberals are fun to debate and can be a good source of amusement.  But unless you are willing to change views and have a one-way discussion they will eventually become tired of facts and logic.  This is why when debating liberals it’s always a good idea to round up a few at a time.

340 Million Dollars And One Life Lesson

It was October 16th, 2005.  A Sunday like most with one exception. For the last couple weeks my fellow employees had been excruciatingly bothersome with their jabber about the Powerball Lottery.  Like so many others in this country, I had contemplated my dreams of 340 million dollars.  Up until this Sunday I hadn’t bought a ticket.  As I pushed open the gas station doors and walked inside a voice reminded me about the lottery.  It was unusual for me to be interrupted in my normal thoughts with an outside influence.  I thought maybe this was God, telling me to buy a ticket.  Not wanting to miss my chances on the free riches to be given away in just three short days, I bought a dozen eggs, a gallon of milk, and one quick-pick Powerball Lottery ticket.

Soon after that the fever set in.  Oh the wonders one could do with that much money.  Even after the federal and state governments got their share a winner would be allowed to take home a lump sum of 112 million dollars.  That much money in a savings account at .04% interest compounded monthly is roughly $500,000 a year.  Way more than my current salary.  I would finally be debt free!  My  parents, family, friends and their parents wouldn’t have to worry about money anymore.  It would solve my problems and the problems of people close to me.  With the money I would have left over I could live a rich life.  I would not be a slave to my job and my bills.  It was almost drug-like to think about.

The next morning I was in my usual routine.  My 40-minute drive to work & lousy radio in my car always allows me to spend some time thinking about life.  On my way out the door I had noticed the lottery ticket on the table and it was now all that filled my head.  It was then that I started to wonder about the complications of that vast amount of paper in the bank.  I would need a lawyer, maybe two, a financial manager and possibly some security.  Would I be putting my family at risk with that much money?  Wisconsin isn’t known for kidnappings but stranger things have happened.  It appeared that the money might be more taxing than joyful.  I started to wonder about what Jesus would do if he won the lottery.  I’m definitely not any sort of scholar when it comes to this man’s life, but I knew a few things about him.  I knew that he valued charity, forgiveness and the act of being humble.  My mind was made up.  If I won I would stay humble.  I would only spend the money to make others happy.  Any money I spent on myself would be to only repair or replace what I already owned.  Charities would receive the majority of the winnings with the rest going towards others close to me.  I felt relieved.  I made a promise to God.

“Let me win this money and I will do your will with it.  I will follow in your son’s footsteps and help feed the hungry, clothe the poor and bring happiness to the unhappy.”

In my mind I was serious.  I now felt as if winning was almost inevitable.  I ignored my previous thoughts of new vehicles and big houses.  I started to plan in my mind where and to whom the money would be sent.  I kept this train of thought up until Wednesday afternoon, the day of the lottery.  I felt at peace with this money and I was sure that God would entrust me these winnings.  It was
almost a guarantee.

That afternoon, as I turned out more ads for my company, I listened to public radio.  The host for one hour decided to take phone calls from listeners with the topic of “If you won the lottery, what would you do with it?”  I expected to hear many people call in with ideas of the rich & famous.  Cars, houses, boats and other possessions not necessary for a happy life.  I scoffed at the thought of such  shallow wants.  I knew that if I would be so blessed with the jackpot that I would do the most good with it.

Then I started to listen to my fellow humans beings.  A woman called in and stated her intentions to start a land protection charity in her late husbands name.  A man called in with a list of charities that would receive almost all of his winnings.  As the hour went by, there wasn’t a caller without good intentions.  I finally realised why that voice at the gas station had told me to buy a ticket.  It wasn’t so I could win this money and use it for the God’s work.  It was so God could teach me how to use what he’s already blessed me with.  It became clear that whoever won the lottery that they would use it for good in some way or form.  It became clear to me that I could use what I already have to give to charities.  It became clear to me that following the footsteps of Jesus and being humble, forgiving and
charitable was things that even a poor man could do.  In fact, a poor man named Jesus had already done them.

So it seems that we tend to forget what we already have.  We tell God and ourselves that with only a few more dollars we could really get into doing God’s work.  Though in our own lives we’ve already won the lottery, and it’s up to us to cash in the ticket.

That night I checked the lottery numbers on the Internet.  I did win some money!  One number plus the Powerball is four dollars.  I was three dollars ahead.  It wasn’t enough to pay off my parent’s house or any of the other grand schemes I had promised to God about.  But one dollar was a smashing deal when it came to the lesson I learned.  I also won enough to buy some more eggs and milk.